The Heart Line and its Role in Palmistry

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Published: 19th October 2011
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The heart line on the palm has a vital role in the study of palmistry. The line needs to be strong and clean on the hand to have reciprocal love and affection. The heart line also tells if one is having good heart or not. The line of heart is also meant for the prediction of diseases pertaining to heart. There are many aspects to be calculated while studying this line. Both the chirognomy and chiromancy part needs to be taken into account for the perfect prediction as to the love and affection. The following calculation also should be taken in to account for understanding the personís heart.

First of all, the palm reader should be intelligent enough to calculate from every aspect such as the birth numbers of the person who is intended to show the palm. The birth number is very important to understand the innermost heart of the person. The line of heart along with birth number will give you sound prediction as to love. The palmist should take a test if the palm is soft and the thumb is supple since the palm and thumb has also a great role in ensuring personís heart. If the hand is soft while shaking hand and thumb is supple then the person is likely to be soft in heart.

There are many variations of the heart line on the palm. The variation is extremely important to ascertain the condition of the heart such as health and lovesickness etc. If the heart line has touched the mount of Jupiter then it is an indication of helpful tendency to others. The person will be very helpful. When the line of heart touches the mount of Saturn then the person will be self-centred. If the heart line touches the mounts in between Jupiter and Saturn then the person will make a balance i.e. sometimes sympathetic and sometimes reverse.

The line of heart should be without any breaks, islands and chains of any form. If there is an island on the heart line then it is an indication of heart problem. When the heart line is broken in to two pieces then it indicates there is a possibility of great break in a great love. If the line of heart has bifurcated on the mounts of Jupiter then the person will be highly sympathetic by nature. The person will be extending helping hand to others always.

But, it is very important on the part of a palmist to consider shape and sizes as well as the heart line on the palm. Basically, the people with soft hand and supple jointed palm are warm-hearted and sympathetic in comparison to the hard hander. The supple palm along with a good line of heart indicates a very cool and helping attitude. These kinds of people often engage themselves with charitable organisation, social works and the institutes that is meant for public in general. In addition, it will be a great help to ascertain the nature and character of any human being if the palm is read along with birth chart and numerology.

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