The Marriage Line and Its Variation on the Palm

Published: 19th October 2011
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The science of palm reading not only predicts the married life of a person but also everything that is relating to human life. The marriage line on the palm is the passport that helps to know as to the married life of a human being. The only line of marriage can forecast if there is divorce or dispute between the partners. The marriage line needs to be clean, long and good looking on the palm to have good marital life. Generally the line of marriage is present just below the little finger on the mount of moon. Though it is an important line in the study of palmistry, yet it is very small in its appearance in comparison to other lines on the palm.
The line of marriage should be present on the mount of Mercury without any breaks, islands and cross etc. The neat and clean marriage line indicates a healthy married life. There are different kinds of variation of the line of marriage. If the line of marriage crosses the line of heart on the palm and moves towards the mounts of Venus then it is an indication of unhappy married life. It indicates that the married life will end in separation.
The spot on the marriage line denotes that the conjugal life will be unhappy. If there be an island then it will bring ill heath to the life of opposite partner. If the line of marriage touches the heart line then it is a sure indication of the death of the life partner. If the line of marriage moves upwards towards the little finger then it will predict that the person will remain unmarried throughout life. If the line of marriage touched the line of Sun then it is an indication of a marriage with a reputed and wealthy person.
The person with a good Sun line also indicates that the person will get married with a reputed person. The marriage line should be studied carefully while doing reading as to the marriage. The only marriage line is not enough to come to the conclusion for a successful conjugal life. That is why; it is advised to study line of the heart on the palm while doing palmistry reading. The heart line needs to be very clean and long to reciprocate a great love. The line heart line that touches mount of Jupiter indicates a sympathetic and lovable person.
The marriage line must be clean and long for a good married life. It is better to calculate the horoscope of a person to get more accurate result as to the married life of a person. The lord of marriage should be free from affliction in the birth chart and the line of marriage needs to be strong enough on the palm in order to lead a happy married life. If the 7th house in the birth chart is afflicted by the malefic planets and at the same time the marriage line is not up to the mark then married life will be on the crossroad.

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