The Predictive Accuracy in Palm Reading and Astrology

Published: 11th October 2011
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The science of palmistry has been proved to be most popular during last decade due to its efficacy in predicting human fate. The people from rusting background to royal family have believed in the science of palm reading. The popularity behind the study of hand reading is its veracity in forecasting human fate such as: health, wealth, business, love and marriage etc. The study of palm reading can be termed as science as well as art. It became very famous among the people because of more intellectual people could understand the truthfulness of the esoteric nature of palmistry. The digital media is another boon for the science of hand analysis in these days.
There are many technologies available in this world to predict human fate such as: palmistry, astrology, Chinese astrology, Vedic astrology, physiognomy, numerology and Lal Kitab etc. However, it is seen that all the science except palm reading has given the perfect result to the people as far as prediction is concerned. There is a reason for the success of the palmistry that is its natural predictive ability. The study and science of astrology needs your date of birth and time to erect the horoscope which is likely to be wrong. However, the science of palmistry is different since it does not need date of birth and time of birth.
The hand of a person can predict health, wealth, business, career and social standing etc. to the point. Most of the prediction done by palmistry rarely goes wrong, provided the palm reader is intelligent enough. The science of astrology has got something different theory. The horoscope covers almost all the areas of life whereas the palm reading has its own limitation of prediction. The horoscope can predict a wide range of events on human life with some faults, while palm reading covers a limited area with great accuracy.
The prediction done by the help of both palm reading and horoscope can fetch very good result in making prediction. If, the horoscope indicates divorce and the same indicated on the line of marriage then the forecast will be more accurate. Similarly, the brain power can be evaluated by the line of head and from the fifth house of the horoscope. If the line of brain on the palm is strong enough and the fifth house is without affliction then it is a sure indication of good brain power and memory. That is why, it is very important on the part of an astrologer to keep command over all kinds of prediction.
The palmist may also take advantage of the science of numerology. The numerology has a great demand in the current scenario of prediction. It helps to find a suitable name for any business to entertainment. The people from Hollywood, Bollywood and from political background have started believing science of numerology and they have recently developed a trend to change the name. If the numerological prediction is done along with the palmistry then definitely it will bring more accurate predictions. However, the palmist needs to have command over palm reading, astrology and numerology which are really an uphill task.

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